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Cotton Candy Machines & Accessories

Remember the holiday feeling of a fresh cloud of cotton candy when you were a kid? Well, you donít have to be a kid to enjoy this sweet and fluffy treat and you donít have to wait for the circus to come to town or the state fair to open up to get one, either. With the Cotton Candy Machine from Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you can make cotton candy treats right in your own home or add cotton candy to your businessís merchandise mix.
Cotton Candy Maker for Home - On Sale
Reg Price: $59.99
Season Sale: $44.99
Fun Pack with 3 Floss Sugar Flavors
Reg Price: $29.95
Season Sale: $19.95
Order the Cotton Candy Machine separately or pair it with everything you need to get started by ordering our Cotton Candy Machine and Sugar Fun Pack combination, which includes three flavors of sugar and paper cones to make dozens of servings. You can also order the Cotton Candy Express Fun Pack when you need more sugar or paper cones.

Bring home the fun of cotton candy to your kitchen with a Cotton Candy Machine from Hawaiian Shaved Ice.