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Shaved Ice Flavor List & Descriptions

Every bottle of HawaiianShavedIce.com Premium Syrup is made with the finest ingredients in order to provide you the truest, most mouth-watering flavors. Our Hawaiian shaved ice, snow cone syrup flavors are time and taste-tasted. Look through our snow cone syrup flavor list and imagine all the wonderful flavor combinations. Whether it’s a fruity blast from cherry and coco banana or a tropical blend of tiger’s blood and ocean mist, you’ll find creative combinations to keep you cool in the summer. Maybe the chocoholic in you would like to try our mudslide? Our extensive snow cone syrup flavor list means there is something for everyone.

Below is our extensive list of Hawaiian Shaved Ice snow cone syrup flavors. Browse through our extensively delicious snow cone syrup flavor list and imagine all the mouth-watering possibilities. Perfect for a summertime party, we also offer a variety of bulk syrup packages of premium snow cone syrups and ‘choose your own’ packages to provide you all of your favorites. So check out the following syrup flavors and descriptions, and imagine the refreshing, icy goodness. Flavors are available in both quart and gallon sizes.

Flavor Description Color
Bahama Mama A fruity pina colada flavor. Pinkish Red
Banana Tastes like a banana popsicle. Yellow
Black Cherry Delicious, fruity, real black cherry taste. Dark Red
Blackberry Real blackberry taste. You'll wonder if there are seeds in the bottle. Dark Purple
Blue Coconut Our great coconut flavor colored blue. Blue
Blue Cotton Candy Vanilla base with a sweet, sugar spun cotton candy flavor. Blue
Blue Eagle A sweet rich bubble gum flavor. Blue
Blue Hawaiian Hawaiian punch flavor with a hint of coconut. Blue
Blue Raspberry Similar to our regular raspberry, but not quite as tart. Blue
Blueberry Incredible, true-to-life blueberry flavor. Blue
Bubble Gum (Blue) Flavor so real, you might try to blow a bubble.  Blue
Bubble Gum (Pink) Bazooka flavored bubble gum. Pink
Buttercream A mellow butter cream vanilla flavor. Brown
Butterscotch Like your grandma's butterscotch candy! Brown
Cake Batter Tastes just like yellow cake batter. Yellow
Candy Apple Sweet apple flavor with a hint of candied cinnamon. Red
Cantaloupe Tastes like a slice of fresh cantaloupe. Great melon taste. Orange
Cherimoya Creamy, custard like, exotic fruit flavor Light Yellow
Cherry Rich cherry flavor. A top five seller. Dark Red
Cherry Cola Like those that were served at the old soda shops. Light Brown
Chocolate Milk chocolate flavor. Brown
Chocolate Covered Cherry Our famous cherry syrup with a hint of chocolate. Dark Red
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fresh strawberry flavor combine with chocolate. Dark Red
Clear Blue Raspberry Enjoy our blue raspberry flavor without blue teeth! Clear
Clear Cherry Our famous cherry syrup now available without color. Clear
Clear Strawberry Now have our fresh strawberry syrup without red teeth! Clear
Coco-Banana A tropical blend of coconuts and bananas. Light Yellow
Coconut Rich, well-rounded coconut flavor. Clear
Coffee Rich full flavor. Made with real Colombian coffee. Brown
Cola A soda fountain favorite!  Combine with cherry for cherry colas. Brown
Cookie Dough Great cookie dough flavor. Brown
Cotton Candy One taste of this and you will think you are at the county fair. Red
Creamy Coconut Creamy coconut with a hint of vanilla. Clear
Dreamsycle Tastes like an orange push-up pop. Orange
Egg Custard Thick, real egg custard flavor. Orange
Fuzzy Navel An orange and peach blend. Reddish-Orange
Granny Smith Apple Very tart apple taste. Sometimes called sour apple. Green
Grape  Real grape flavor. Dark Purple
Grapefruit Fresh, ripe, grapefruit taste. Clear
Green Apple Sweet and sour apple taste. Green
Guava Just like the guava fruit. Red
Hawaiian A blend of fruity flavors. Tastes like tropical punch. Red
Homemade Ice Cream Like eating homemade ice cream or snowcream at home. Creamy White
Honeydew Melon  Fresh, ripe honeydew taste. Light Green
Horchata Refreshing, cinnamon, vanilla rice milk with a hint of nuts. Opaque White
Hot Cinnamon Hot, cinnamon flavor. Tastes like Red Hot candies. Red
Hurricane Tastes like a hurricane cocktail straight off of bourbon street. Red
Ice Cream Creamy, rich vanilla ice cream flavor. Yellow
Jalapeno Spicy hot jalapeno flavor. Green
Key Lime Pie You'll think you are in the keys! Green
Kiwi Taste like a fresh kiwi without the seeds. Green
Leche Creamy vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.  Excellent as a cream flavor. Reddish-Pink
Lemon Sweet lemon-drop flavor. Light Yellow
Lemonade Tart, tangy lemonade flavor. Clear
Lemon-Lime A refreshing combination of lemon and lime flavoring, slightly tart. Green
Lime Robust, fresh-squeezed lime flavor. Dark Green
Mai Tai Just like the drink but with no alcohol. Reddish-Orange
Mango Peachy-plum flavor with a hint of citrus. Yellow-Green
Margarita Straight from the bar but without the alcohol. Bright Green
Mocha Delicious coffee flavor with an infusion of chocolate milk. Brown
Mudslide Delicious mixture of cane rum flavor, real coffee, natural cocoa, and pure vanilla extract. Brown
Ocean Mist Tropical citrus flavor. Refreshing. Green
Orange True, fresh squeezed orange flavor. Orange
Orange Splash Combination of orange and banana. Orange
Orange-Pineapple A refreshing blend of orange and pineapple. Orange
Passion Fruit A sweet fruity flavor straight from the passion flower fruit. Pinkish Red
Peach Like eating a peach without the "fuzz". Reddish-Orange
Pina Colada Straight from the bartender's blender but without the alcohol. A top five flavor. Clear
Pineapple Tastes like freshly sliced pineapple. Yellow
Pink Lemonade Refreshing lemonade flavor, slightly tart. Pink
Polar Punch Cool, refreshing arctic punch taste. Neon Blue
Pomegranate True, pomegranate flavor. Dark Red
Raspberry Similar to tart, fresh raspberries. Red
Red Velvet Cake Just like the cake. You will look for the icing. Red
Root Beer Real root beer taste. Brown
Silver Fox Creamy, almond-vanilla flavor. White
Sour Cherry Very tart cherry flavor. Dark Red
Sour Grape Very tart grape flavor. Dark Purple
Spearmint Rich, smooth and cool spearmint flavor. Dark Green
Strawberry Like biting into a delicious, ripe strawberry. Red
Strawberry Cheesecake Real cheesecake flavor bursting with fresh strawberries. Red
Strawberry Daiquiri Like strawberry but with a lime twist. Light Red
Strawberry-Banana A refreshing blend of strawberry and banana. Red
Strawberry-Kiwi A refreshing blend of strawberry and kiwi. Red
Tamarind Tastes like a fruity tea. Dark Red
Tangerine Teeming with tart tangerine flavor. Orange
Tiger's Blood Fresh fruity watermelon-strawberry taste with a hint of coconut. Popular with kids as well as adults. Red
Tongue Twister A tart fruit blend with a dash of citrus. Light Red
Tropics A terrific blend of tropical fruits. Reddish-Orange
Tutti Fruiti A scrumptious potpourri of fruit and berries. Red
Vanilla No imitation flavor here. This is real vanilla flavor made straight from vanilla beans. Light Brown
Vanilla Cola The name says it all.  Tastes like you scooped vanilla ice cream in your soda. Brown
Watermelon Like a fresh watermelon, without the seeds. Red
Wedding Cake Here's comes the bride! Clear
Wild Cherry Great cherry flavor but not quite as sweet. Red
Wild Strawberry A stronger, more tart, strawberry flavor. Red

Perfect for a day of lounging at the pool, relaxing on the beach or playing in the park, snow cones with our premium snow cone syrups are the perfect treat for a memorable summer day. These Hawaiian shaved ice, snow cone syrup flavors can be used to make your own shaved ice, snow cones, margaritas, daiquiris, ice shavers and snoballs. Perfect for both adults and kids, snow cones with premium snow cone syrups save you time and money.

All syrups are packaged in heavy duty plastic bottles. Unfortunately, sugar-free syrups are not available at this time. However, by making your own snow cones, you control how much of the premium snow cone syrups you use. Use as little or as much as you’d like.
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