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Ordering by Fax or US Mail


1. Go to our Fax/Email Order Form (PDF Format - 69 kb) page and print the form using the File, Print command on your browser. You will need Adobe

You will need to downlaod and install Acrobat Reader on your computer prior to downloading our PDF-Formatted Fax/Mail order form. If your computer does not have Acrobat Reader please click on the following link below.

Download and install Acrobat Reader for free to view and print our Fax/Mail Order Form.

2. Fill out all information on the order form. Please write clearly.

3. Be sure to fill out contact information like phone numbers and addresses for the Ordered by and Ship to Fields.

4. Don't forget to list desired flavors. For example, if you order the Five Flavor Package, be certain that you list the 5 flavors that you would like shipped. Look at the items descriptions on our web site to see if there are additional options you should list.

5. Total your order and enter it in the "Merchandise field." North Carolina residents add 6% sales tax. Choose the shipping method desired, enter the total shipping cost and total the entire order. To calculate shipping charges see bottom of this page.

6. Don't forget to check the payment type you wish to use. If paying by credit card, enter your Visa or Matercard number, the expiration date and sign your name on the line above "Cardholder's Signature."

7. Feel free to use additional sheets if necessary.

To calculate shipping charges for the Fax/US Mail form please follow these instructions.

1. Complete your order at our online store as you normally would if ordering with a credit card. Click through our site and add your desired items to your cart.

2. After you finish shopping and have updated your cart with your desired items, click "Checkout" on the Current Order page.

3. Please review your order to ensure that everything is correct.

4. Complete the Shipping Information section. Include all needed info.

5. Choose your desired shipping method.

6. Click "Continue With Order" at the bottom of the page.

7. This will bring you to our Order Page. Please review your order to ensure accuracy.

8. Our software will automatically calculate the shipping charges and add any other necessary fees or taxes. This will be listed just above "Total for HawaiianShavedIce.com". Use this information to correctly fill our the Fax/US Mail order form. You can print out this page to ensure accuracy and send it in along with your completed Fax/US Mail order form if you would like.

9. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, do not fill our the billing infomation. Simply click "Do Not Order" at the bottom of the page.

10. Send your completed form along with payment to:

     PO Box 10
     Newton Grove, NC 28366


     Fax 770-234-6333
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