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Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Machines

Professional Electric Shaved Ice Machine
Professional Electric...
Shaved ice just like a pro, wit...
Season Sale: $1,695.00
Sno-King Professional Snow Cone Machine
Sno-King Professional...
Durable, reliable and capable o...
Season Sale: $622.95
Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, having friends over for a little get-together or just having a little summertime fun, a shaved ice machine might be just what you need to bring the spirit of the islands to your home. Our extensive selection is brimming with high-quality machines that are ideal for any use. From simple, easy-to-clean snow cone machines to child-safe versions that are perfect for sleepovers and pool parties, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our catalog.
S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine
S700 Electric Snow Cone Machine
Manual Shaved Ice Machine
Our all-time best-selling machine! This is a great machine for shaving piles super-soft and fluffy snow to create tasty treats!
A great, easy-to-use snow cone maker. Uses regular ice cubes and makes the tasty crunchy snow cone ice that we all love!
This kid friendly machine is fun as you manually turn the ice to shave fun fluffy ice! Great for small portions.
Reg Price: $59.95
Season Sale: $27.99
Reg Price: $49.95
Season Sale: $24.99
Reg Price: $21.99
Season Sale: $15.99
Professional Electric Shaved Ice Machine
Sno-King Professional Snow Cone Machine
Commercial Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines
Shaved ice just like a pro, with our professional shaved ice machine!
Business Information and Supplies
Reg Price: $1,895.00
Season Sale: $1,695.00
Reg Price: $699.00
Season Sale: $622.95
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Our inventory includes professional-quality shaved ice machines from trusted brands such as Hatsuyuki and Sno King that are perfect for frequent entertainers. They’re great for big events, so if you have a family reunion, wedding reception or big birthday bash looming, one of these fast and efficient shaved ice machines might be the best choice. Choose between electric snow cone machines fit for heavy-duty commercial use and light-duty machines like Little Snowie. You’ll find all the supplies you need to run a commercial shaved ice operation in our catalog, as well.

Looking for something a bit smaller? We carry kid-friendly manual shaved ice machines that crank out cup after cup of frosty, delicious treats as well; your little ones will have a blast making snow cones for themselves and their pals. Shaved ice is always a hit, and it virtually eliminates the need for messy cake and ice cream. At the same time, it saves you money while giving you the chance to create more smiles; all the flavor options help ensure that you can whip up a treat for every taste. Make them big or small — either way, you’re providing a delicious dessert that your guests will talk about for weeks. Don’t forget to check out all our exciting flavored snow cone syrups available. From classic Cherry to delicious dessert flavors like Wedding Cake, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds.
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