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Spoon-Straws in 25-Count Packages

Spoon-Straws in 25-Count Packages
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Reg Price: $1.95
Season Sale: $1.49, 4 for only $3.96, 8 for only $7.60YOU SAVE: $0.46 (24%)

Disposable Paper Snow Cone Cups
Our Price: $1.99
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Item Description

Item Description

Neon spoon-straws are a must-have for any snow cone or shaved ice operation. These strong, plastic straws feature a hollowed out end that lets kids and adults have a blast scooping their tasty treats from any cup. At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we carry these vibrant, neon spoon-straws in packages of 25, so you can order as many as you need without going overboard. Store them upside-down in a cup, twist them around and you have a colorful and useful counter display that your guests will love.

  • Shaved Ice wouldn't be as fun without them!
  • Packed 25 to bag
  • Neon Colored
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