At my house, family movie night is a regular occasion. We order pizza, enjoy some dessert (yes, itís usually shaved ice), and all pile onto the couch to watch a movie. Over the years, we have watched so many great movies, and I wouldnít trade the time with my family for anything.

Movie Night

After talking to some of the other team members here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice, I found that family movie night is popular with a lot of other families. Together, our team compiled a list of ten family movies that are great for all ages and maturity levels.
  1. Trolls - 2016, rated PG
  2. Finding Dory - 2016, rated PG
  3. Monsterís, Inc. - 2001, rated G
  4. The Secret Life of Pets - 2016, rated PG
  5. The Land Before Time - 1988, rated G
  6. The Lego Movie - 2014, rated PG
  7. Home Alone - 1990, rated PG
  8. Jumanji - 1995, rated PG
  9. Cheaper by the Dozen - 2003, rated PG
  10. Toy Story - 1995, rated G
Pick a movie, grab some popcorn or your other favorite movie snacks, and enjoy family time with one of these great flicks! Of course, our list only contains ten movies, so we know we missed some other family-friendly options. Whatís your familyís favorite movie? Let us know on Facebook!