Kids’ birthday parties these days can be quite the production. Many times, birthday parties revolve around a theme. With the rise of websites like Pinterest and Etsy, birthday party themes are easier than ever to brainstorm, plan, and execute, even if you’re not the craftiest parent. Here are three super cute birthday party ideas that you might want to use for your next birthday bash -- and you can easily incorporate themed snow cones at each!
    Rainbow parties are great for kids of any age! They are, by definition, colorful and whimsical. Your decorations can utilize all the colors of the rainbows -- streamers, balloons, plates and napkins. For food, you can serve rainbow Rice Krispie treats, a rainbow layer cake, cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, and a variety of candies and drinks in a rainbow of colors. Plus, rainbow snow cones are easy to make -- just pour on cherry, banana, and blue raspberry syrups, slightly overlapping each flavor.

  2. Rainbow Birthday Cake

    A few years ago, Frozen parties were all the rage. A snow prince or princess party is a fun-filled, sparkly theme that works especially well for winter birthdays. When you’re planning your theme, think about snowflakes, crystals, and sparkles. Silver and white are key colors, but they can be accented with blue or pink (or your child’s favorite color). And, what would a snow-themed party be without “snow” (shaved ice) desserts! Some great flavors to consider are clear strawberry, clear cherry, clear blue raspberry, coconut, pina colada, wedding cake, and cheesecake.

  4. TUTTI-FRUITI (or TWO-tti Fruiti)
    This theme is absolutely adorable for a two year old’s birthday party. A tutti-fruiti party would be great in the summer. Plan your colors, decorations, and food around fruits like pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, oranges -- and anything your child likes! With a little planning, your party will be “berry” special! There are a wide variety of refreshing fruit-flavored syrups that you can offer for your birthday party snow cones. Of course, an obvious syrup choice would be Tutti Fruiti, but other colorful flavors to consider include lemon-lime, strawberry, orange, banana, cherry, watermelon, grape, kiwi, and pineapple.
What’s the best themed birthday that you’ve ever planned for your child? Did you serve any fun flavors of snow cones or shaved ice? We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page.