Once upon a time, your little girl may have wished that she were a princess. Since youíre (most likely) not a fairy, you canít simply wave a magic wand and make her wish come true. However, you can come pretty close by putting together the perfect princess party, truly fit for royalty! Itís not exactly a piece of cake to impress those little princesses.
Princess Snow Cone Party

You need all the right entertainment and accessories to put together a stylish, yet age-appropriate event. Thatís why you have Hawaiian Shaved Ice! Weíre taking over the role of fairy godmother and providing you with some very special treats. Today, weíre talking about a little something to give the princess touch to your party refreshment tableóflower shaved ice and snow cone cups!

You may think that itís just a small detail and you have plenty of plain shaved ice cups that will work just fine. However, you might want to give flower cups a try. Here are just a few reasons why.
  1. Skip the Drips
    The last thing that a little princess needs at her party is a royal mess on her dress. Serving and slurping up a cup of delicious, homemade shaved ice shouldnít come with the hassle of a tedious clean up job afterwards. The clever design of these shaved ice flower cups puts that problem to rest, as it easily catches those icy drips and allows you to place them on your table without any spills.

  2. Tie Your Theme Together
    When it comes to party planning, you want to make sure that your theme is reflected in all of your design, dťcor and menu choices. Since you're going to serve flavorful shaved ice princess-style, what could be prettier than a fresh pop of color and a unique look? You can make the shaved ice experience fun and fancy with every scoop!

  3. Pack in More Flavor
    The shape and features of a flower cup gives any shaved ice fan another yummy advantage that canít be missedóyou can add much more ice than you can in a regular cup. This means that you can pour even more of your favorite syrups in every single cup. Our flower cups are available in three different sizes, 4 oz., 8 oz. and 12 oz., to accommodate your individual needs.
Along with three size options, you can also choose from five different colors; violet, pink, blue, yellow and green. Cups come in packs of 80 or 100, depending on the size.

Give your princesses the happily ever after that they deserve, with an easy-to-use shaved ice machine, a variety of flavored syrups, and creative accessories like these beautiful flower cups. If you would like more party-planning tips and ideas, please stay tuned right here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice.