When it comes to desserts, the fluffy and colorful threads of flavorful cotton candy never cease to amaze us. With every sweet morsel you taste, you feel as if youíve been transported on a nostalgic trip to the county fair. In an earlier post, we shared some fun facts about this terrific sweet, and now weíd like to continue to surprise you with even more tidbits about cotton candy!

#1: Cotton Candy is an art form in Asia
Itís always a treat to see cotton candy being spun, but in China and Japan, street vendors have taken it to a new level, crafting enormous, simply mesmerizing works of art from cotton candy. In recent times, the floral-inspired pieces have become immensely popular thanks to the Internet.

These gigantic forms are usually larger than your head, they often incorporate four or more colors, and they require quick, precise, handiwork. The sugar is spun into a stick, rather than on paper cones like westerners use. While the cotton candy is still warm enough to be pliable, it is shaped with a number of different instruments such as toothpicks and tongs to refine and define the shape. The finished product is denser than American cotton candy.

Amazing Cotton Candy Flower

#2: Hair is thicker than cotton candy
An average human hair is generally .00394 inches or 0.1millimeters thick. This is also roughly the thickness of a piece of paper. While that already sounds incredibly thin, can you believe that a single strand of cotton candy is even thinner than that?! What is perhaps even more curious is that when cotton candy is spun, the sugar can create up to a 4-mile long string of sugar!

#3: Cotton Candy is now helping scientists create artificial blood vessels.
Science can be pretty sweet! An assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University discovered that a cotton candy machine forms threads that are roughly the same size as capillaries, or very small blood vessels, so it could be used to produce structures in other materials. His research team developed a method of creating capillaries that can be used to bring nutrients and oxygen to artificial organs. Read here to learn more about this novel approach to science.

#4: Cotton Candy comes in many different versions around the world.
For example, in Iran youíll find pashmak, which consists of sugar and sesame, in Bhutan, thereís ngathrek golop lhakpa, which is spun sugar with butter tea and chili pepper, in China, youíll see dragonís beard candy thatís made with sugar, peanuts or pistachios, and coconut, creating a horsehair-like texture, and in Turkey, thereís Piļmaniye, spun sugar blended with buttered flour.

#5: Cotton Candy hasnít changed since its discovery.
Though the basic design of the cotton candy machine hasnít changed much over time, it continues to evolve with technology. Automatic machines have allowed for mass production, larger models can hold 3 pounds of sugar, different flavors and colors of sugar can be added during each run, temperature and voltage can be set and monitored digitally, and the rotating bowl can spin thousands of revolutions per minute.

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