Stains seem to be inevitable, particularly when you are eating something messy and definitely if you have kids. And Iíll be honest -- we make our fair share of stains here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice, but it comes with the job description. If you love eating shaved ice and snow cones as much as we do, thereís going to be some mess involved.

The great news is that stains donít have to be permanent. Through our years of taste testing and enjoying all kinds of brightly colored icy treats, we have tried many different methods of stain removal on all types of surfaces. Here are five of our best tips on removing stains.

Stain Removal
  1. Stains on Washable Fabrics
    Letís pretend you spill your snow cone syrup all down your shirt (maybe itís happened in real life). The best thing to do is quickly rinse the stain with cold water. You can blot the stain with white vinegar. If the stain is large, consider soaking the entire garment in white vinegar and then rinsing with cold water. Then, launder as usual. This works well for a variety of stains on washable fabrics including juice, soft drinks, coffee, ketchup, and dirt.

  2. Countertop Stains
    Liquids like shaved ice syrup, red wine, coffee, juice, spaghetti sauce, and more tend to splash when you pour them. Even little droplets can leave a stain behind on your counters. The best solution weíve found for countertop stains is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Wet your Magic Eraser, squeeze out the excess water, and then erase. For stubborn stains, you might need to use a little elbow grease as you scrub. Once youíre done, simply rinse your countertop.

  3. Carpet/Rug Stains
    When fruit juice, soda, or even a snow cone is spilled on your carpet, it can look disastrous. But thereís no need to roll up the carpet and throw it away or even to call in professional cleaners. One of the best ways to clean these types of stains from your carpet is with cold water and gentle carpet shampoo.

  4. Car Seat or Car Upholstery Stains
    Eating that snow cone in the car may have seemed like a good idea while you were running errands, but when some spills on your car upholstery (or on your childís car seat), you might be rethinking that choice. Much like washable fabrics, try using cold water and white vinegar for stain removal. Other tried and true ideas include using club soda, dishwashing detergent (like Dawn), and even a toothbrush for scrubbing nooks and crannies.

  5. Stains Around the Mouth (or on the Tongue)
    One of the best parts of a brightly colored snow cone or shaved ice (other than the taste) is your brightly colored tongue when youíre finished. Ok, maybe you donít want everyone to know that you just ate a blue raspberry snow cone or perhaps your child looks a little bit like The Joker with a red stain around his mouth after his strawberry shaved ice. Unfortunately, we havenít found a proven way to remove color from your tongue or lips, but you can try brushing your teeth (and tongue and even lips) with toothpaste. For stains around the mouth, you could also try makeup remover facial wipes.
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