Summer usually means more time together as a family, and for many families, that means extra time with extended family. Often, grandchildren will go to stay with their grandparents for a week during the summer. For grandparents, we know it can be hard to think of activities that keep the kids engaged during the entire week. Rainy days are especially difficult, but even on sunny days, the grandkids usually want to try something new. Here are some fun activity ideas for grandparents and grandchildren together!

  1. Photography & Scrapbooking - Take pictures throughout the entire week, and have them printed out. Then, the next year when the grandchildren are visiting, you can spend a rainy day scrapbooking the previous year’s memories.
  2. Baking - Bake a batch of cookies and decorate them with colorful icing and decorations. These would be great to give to Mom and Dad when they return to pick up the kids after their vacation!
  3. Visit a museum or aquarium - Take the grandkids to check out local attractions and historical sites. Keep those brains active and learning even while school is out!
  4. Go to the library or a movie - Lots of libraries have summer reading programs and summer activities, so be sure to ask your local branch for a schedule. Another fun idea is to go to the library and pick out a book that also has a corresponding movie so you can read the book, watch the movie, and then spend time discussing the similarities and differences.
  1. Take a bike ride - Rent bikes and helmets if you need to. Pack a picnic lunch, visit a park, or just tour around the area.
  2. Start a lemonade stand - Or a snow cone stand! We must admit, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice crew is pretty partial to a snow cone stand that serves lemonade flavored snow cones!
  3. Grow and/or tend a garden - If you don’t have a garden, have the grandchildren help start one. Or if you have one already established, the grandkids can help maintain it and harvest any ripe fruits or vegetables.
  4. Spend a day outdoors - Plan a whole day of fun outdoor activities. Blow bubbles. Go swimming. Enjoy a picnic or barbeque. Fly a kite. Play miniature golf. As the day comes to an end, watch the sunset and catch fireflies at dusk.
Fun with Grandpa

Do your grandkids come to visit for an extended stay in the summer? Or do your kids go to their grandparents’ house? Maybe you have memories of activities that you shared with your own grandparents. Share some of your favorite grandparent-grandchild activities with us!