From cakes to pies, to pastries and ice pops, it’s safe to say that desserts are hardly ever in short supply. Over time, quite a few unconventional combinations of textures and flavors have evolved, but there are some desserts that have retained their popularity without changing much in character. Two of our personal favorites are ice cream and undoubtedly—shaved ice! We love them individually and we’ve discovered that these treats actually mix together perfectly to create a fun, fresh, delectable delight.

A scoop of ice cream added to a cup of shaved ice has become a popular offering at many shaved ice businesses. How is it made and how can you try it for yourself? We’re sharing the answers to these questions today, so let’s dive right in!

Basic Preparation Method
  • First, scoop some hand dipped or soft serve ice cream into the bottom of a cup.
  • Next, shave ice and add flavored syrup as you normally would into the cup.
The ice cream will begin to melt and will soon take on the same flavor as the shaved ice. Note—you can add the ice cream on top of the shaved ice if you prefer. Knowing how the flavors change should spark your creativity, inspire you to experiment with different combinations and come up with your very own recipes.

If you plan to sell this at your shaved ice stand, then you should give your new product a unique name to entice curious customers. We also suggest increasing the price by a dollar or a dollar-fifty. Many of our customers have tried this and have been very successful.

Delicious Recipe

Is the ice cream-shaved ice blend tempting your taste buds? Then, we’ve got a deliciously easy recipe that you can make right at home, and share with your friends and family.

Servings: 1 | Time: 3 minutes | Tools: Ice Shaver

   Ingredients:    Method:
  • Scoop one dip of vanilla ice cream into the bottom of a cup or bowl.
  • Shave ice onto the ice cream and flavor with Granny Smith Apple and Hot Cinnamon syrup.
  • Drizzle with evaporated milk.
Whether you’re expanding the menu at your shaved ice shop or just tapping into your inner chef at home, we think that you and/or your customers will truly love giving the shaved ice & ice cream mixture a try today. Have you created some original recipes that you would like to share with us, as well as your fellow ice shavers? Please don’t hesitate to post it on our Facebook page, or reach out to us directly at

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