Spring is here (finally!), but there are still rainy, chilly days where the kids are stuck inside. Until the warmer weather sets in for good, the family might be going a little stir crazy. The kids are getting tired of playing with the same toys and games, and the parents are tired of watching the same TV shows and tired of fighting with the kids over screen time. To combat the at-home boredom, the Hawaiian Shaved Ice team has brainstormed some fun indoor activities for the whole family.

  1. Build a fort - Use pillows, blankets, couch cushions, chairs, tables, and whatever else you can think of. The fort can be used all day for reading books, having snacks, telling spooky stories, playing board games, and more.
  2. Indulge in some sweets - Make some cotton candy or bake a treat like cookies or brownies.
  3. Break out the board games - Long days at home can be great for playing a marathon game of Monopoly.
  4. Work on a jigsaw puzzle - Make some space on the table or the floor and get to work as a family on a jigsaw puzzle. See if you can get it completed in one day!
  5. Family makeovers - Sure, Mommy/Daughter makeovers can be fun, but there's no reason why Daddy and Sons can't be involved. With new hair styles and new outfits, put on a family fashion show.
  6. Make a no-sew knot blanket - We love the idea of making no-sew blankets for the whole family. Each family member can pick their own fabric, and even the kids can help with cutting and tying knots.
  7. Make macaroni jewelry - Because deep down, we all loved this activity when we were kids!
  8. Create a secret family handshake - This activity may not take long, but the kids will enjoy practicing it over and over, and then using it throughout the day.
  9. Sumo wrestle - Get two of dad's old t-shirts, put them on the kids, and stuff them with pillows. Try not to giggle too much as the kids wrestle.
  10. Play checkers with Oreos - Why not combine a classic game with a snack? One player can be traditional Oreos; the other player can be golden Oreos. And when the game is over, there are no losers because everyone gets to eat!
What are some of your favorite indoor activities to keep your kids entertained? Share them with us on our Facebook page. We're always looking to add to this list!