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Barbie Shaved Ice Recipe

Barbie Snow Cone Recipe

Servings: 1 Time: 2 min. Tools: Ice Shaver


10 oz. of Shaved Ice

2 oz. of Wedding Cake Snow Cone Syrup

2 oz. of Pink Bubble Gum Snow Cone Syrup

1 tsp. of Wilton's Edible Glitter

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Begin by shaving 10 ounces of shaved ice into a cup or a bowl. Rotating your wrist to create a dome-shaped top. Next, pour pink bubble gum flavored syrup around the outside edge of the ice, leaving the center flavorless. Then, pour the wedding cake flavored syrup in the center of the ice. Finish by sprinkling with Wilton's Edible Glitter and serve with a pink spoon or spoon-straw.