Perhaps you've been to a snow cone shop or shaved ice stand and have seen "Barbie" listed as one of the flavors on the menu. If you didn't know precisely what the Barbie flavor was, we can help. Here is our recipe for a fun, delicious Barbie snow cone.

Ingredients: Directions:
Shave ice into a cup and shape a dome on top. Pour pink bubble gum syrup around the outside edge, leaving the middle without flavor. Add the wedding cake syrup on the center of the ice. If desired, top with edible glitter.

The Barbie snow cone is yummy, whimsical, fun and pink. If you don't want to follow this recipe, that's totally fine. The pink color is what reminds us of Barbie, so you can easily use other pink-colored syrups instead. Some other suggestions include pairing wedding cake with cotton candy or pink bubble gum with banana . You could also make the Barbie snow cone with just pink cotton candy syrup or only pink bubble gum.

Have you tried a Barbie snow cone? What ingredients did you use on yours? Send us a picture if you have one - We'd love to hear about it!