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Gallon - Hot Cinnamon Shaved Ice Syrup

Gallon - Hot Cinnamon Shaved Ice Syrup
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Item Description

Item Description

The hot cinnamon flavored snow cone is the perfect way to spice up your life. If you need an extra kick, give this shaved ice treat a bite! It tastes exactly like the red hot candies you love, but itís over ice! You get to experience two extremes when you eat this sno cone: hot cinnamon, and cold ice! Your friends and family will love the hot yet refreshing taste of the hot cinnamon flavored shaved ice. Who doesn't love red hot cinnamon?

This deliciously hot flavor is available to purchase in the gallon size, so that you and everyone else can heat things up at your next party or gathering! Hot cinnamon flavored shaved ice is the perfect treat for someone who doesn't love fruity snow cones. Grab this flavor in the quart size, if you want a smaller amount, or in an assorted package, to combine with other great Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors!
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