Letís face it. Mint is not a flavor that a lot of kids love. And yet, traditional candy canes have a very strong peppermint flavor. Itís no wonder that there are a wide variety of fruit flavored candy canes available in the stores.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we wanted to come up with a fun, festive recipe perfect for the holiday season; however, we donít carry a mint flavored snow cone syrup. Instead, we decided to still attempt the look of a red and white candy cane, created with flavors that kids will enjoy. These tasty, festive snow cones would be great for class parties, December birthday parties, and holiday get-togethers that include children.

Candy Canes

Ingredients: Place a layer of shaved ice in the bottom of a clear plastic cup. Pour creamy coconut snow cone syrup over the ice. Add a second layer of ice and pour on a small amount of strawberry snow cone syrup. Repeat these creamy coconut and strawberry layers until the cup is filled. Topped with whipped cream and crushed candy cane pieces, if desired.

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