It seems like summer just ended, school just started, and it’s only now beginning to feel like fall. And yet, Halloween is just around the corner. The kids are planning their costumes and festive decorations are going up.

If you’re planning a Halloween party and trying to think of some fun themed treats to serve, we’ve got a fun idea using shaved ice. Try these Candy Corn Shavers!

 Candy Corn Shaved Ice

Prepare for your party by shaving a large bowl of shaved ice. Scoop small amounts of ice into small clear cups. You’ll only want to fill about one-third of the cup. Pour on a yellow-colored flavored syrup (we recommend cake batter).

Add more shaved ice, filling the cup now two-thirds full. This time, pour on a orange-colored flavor (our choice would be pumpkin spice).

Now fill the rest of the cup with shaved ice. But don’t leave it unflavored! Try a clear flavored syrup like horchata.

When you’re done, your shaved ice cups will have the great orange-yellow-white coloring of delicious candy corn. They’re festive looking, great tasting treats, perfect for any Halloween party!

Planning to serve shaved ice treats at your Halloween party? Tell us how you’ll make them festive!