Since its invention in 1897, the soft and fluffy texture and sweet, sugary flavor of cotton candy has been delighting kids and adults, young and old. Itís absolutely mesmerizing to see threads of sugar being spun into this scrumptious treat.

You probably associate the month of December with just Christmas and Hanukkah, but thereís another holiday that might surprise youóNational Cotton Candy Day! Thatís right; on December 7th you have a perfectly delicious reason to celebrate your love of cotton candy!

The history and origins of this exciting and peculiar holiday are unclear, but as it coincides with the infamous Pearl Harbor attack in World War II, many believe that Cotton Candy Day was established to brighten the gloomy mood of the day.

Thinking about how you can celebrate Cotton Candy Day? You can get started by throwing the perfect cotton candy themed party, and preparing a unique cotton candy inspired cocktail recipe, as weíve previously shared.

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Using your cotton candy machine is fairly simple once you get the hang of it. If you want to learn how to whip up cotton candy just like a pro, you should take a look at our handy user guide.

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