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Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Packages

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Do you love snow cones and shaved ice and wish you could make them on your own? Save time and money by investing in one of our complete shaved ice or snow cone kits, which conveniently contains all of the essential supplies in one package.

This includes a snow cone or shaved ice machine (depending on the package you choose), flavored syrups, bottle pourers, spoon straws, and snow cone cups. As you can imagine, having just a machine or just syrups will certainly make it difficult to enjoy authentic snow cones and shaved ice!

These party packages make it easier than ever to fulfill your snow cone and shaved ice cravings whenever you want, at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for a unique birthday gift, or just a fun way to cool off, a shaved ice or snow cone package will fit the bill. So, get ready for everyone of all ages to gather around, and enjoy some delicious, icy delights.