Whether you’re organizing a wedding, a baby shower or putting together a birthday party, the planning process can become overwhelming at times. You want to make sure that every single aspect is perfect and there’s a creative theme to hold everything together.

We have shared some ideas for executing a snow cone themed event; so today we’re giving you a different kind of celebration inspiration—cotton candy! Having such a colorful, fun and fluffy treat as the guiding force in your special occasion should easily provide you with some interesting ideas.

So, without further ado, here’s your guide to throwing the coolest cotton candy party on the block, that’s entertaining for both kids and adults.

Decorations The task of transporting your guests into a dreamy world of cotton candy starts the very moment that they step into your party venue. To make that possible you need to have the space decorated stylishly and appropriately. Choose your color scheme based on the type of cotton candy that you’re serving—for example, the classic pink or blue.

You can start by adorning the walls or tables with these false (yet highly convincing), easy-to-make cotton candy garlands. It only requires a few materials and guests will wonder if it’s really edible!

To add some pizzazz to your party tables—take a large glass vase, layer different candies inside and place a few faux cotton candy sticks in it, as you’ll see in this tutorial.

Refreshments If you’re looking for some unconventional ways to present your cotton candy refreshments, you can serve guests some samples on these sleek acrylic trays, which you can make yourself very simply. Carry them around as guests are mingling or place them on a central dessert table.

Obviously, cotton candy needs to be the star of the show! With your very own cotton candy machine, flavored sugars and paper cones, it couldn’t be easier or more fun to prepare as much cotton candy as you like whenever you want.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, our Cotton Candy Machine & Floss Sugar Pack is a convenient solution for your party needs. The machine has a clear rim to see the sugary strands of cotton candy being formed right before your eyes. Not only does this pack contain all the necessary serving accessories, it also comes with a handy measuring scoop for clean and hassle-free production. You’ll also get to enjoy three delicious cotton candy flavors—cherry, grape and blue raspberry.

If you want a little something extra for the adults, then we recommend that you whip up the Chic Champagne Cotton Candy Cocktail — a jazzy recipe that we’ve previously shared.

For a delicious dessert, take your cotton candy game to the next level and these scrumptiously satisfying cotton candy cupcakes will certainly do the job!

No matter the occasion, executing these ideas for a cotton candy inspired party will allow guests to have an unforgettable, one of a kind experience that they will be talking about even after it’s all over.

Just remember, Hawaiian Shaved Ice is always here to help! If you have any party tips and ideas that you’d like to share with us, please feel free to contact us at customercare@hawaiianshavedice.com or visit us on our social media pages.