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Cotton Candy Machines & Accessories

Cotton Candy Express Machine
WAS: $67.99
NOW: $55.99
Cotton Candy Floss Package
WAS: $79.99
NOW: $69.99
Cotton Candy Mix Fun Pack
WAS: $24.99
NOW: $23.99

Do you miss going to the carnival as a kid and getting fresh, fluffy cotton candy? With a little help from Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you can have cotton candy whenever you want! We are happy to provide you with your very own cotton candy machine, flavored sugars, and paper cones. Make as many servings as you like in the comfort of your home.

Homemade cotton candy will be the perfect crowd pleaser for your next party or special occasion. Itís fun for children and adults alike to watch the cotton candy strands forming and then indulging in this quintessential carnival treat. The machine isn't too bulky and operation is simple, that way you can quickly produce and serve cotton candy within moments.

Enjoy the classic cotton candy flavors cherry, grape, and blue raspberry at an affordable price, in the comfort of your home. Itís all just a click away!