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Cups, Spoons & Straws

Snow cones and shaved ice are pretty awesome on their own, but what could possibly make them even better? A selection of showstopping cups, cones, bowls, spoons, and straws, of course! These certainly arenít your ordinary utensils. Some change colors when the ice is added, some glow in the dark, while some simply have a sleek, chic design.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice we have everything that you need to make every single cup and cone of shaved ice and snow cones as exciting and truly memorable as possible. As an added benefit, all of our non-disposable cups, cones, and bowls are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is very easy. Each kind of cup and bowl comes in sufficient quantities, so running out of supplies is never an issue.

With a splash of color and creativity, sharing snow cones with your friends and family is more exciting than ever before!