While we don't get all that much snow in North Carolina, we do still experience a change in seasons (this isn't Florida, after all). And as the calendar changes to December, there's a definite chill in the air. Even in the south, some of us still dream of having a white Christmas and enjoy thoughts of snow (although the reality of snow, sometimes not so much when the sidewalks get slippery, and traffic slows to a crawl). (And let's face it, working for a shaved ice company has us thinking about snow-like things year round.)

One of the thrills of a good snowfall is making a snowman. Seeing them in a yard is a quintessential sign of winter. While there's no snow on the ground, snowmen are the perfect decoration for the season. Plus, snowman crafts make excellent gifts. They're often easy to create and cost-effective to give. We've rounded up some of our favorite DIY snowman gift ideas below.

For Family: A Quilt Snowman
A snowman made from a quilt (or blanket) is a great gift for family, especially if you're looking for a way to reuse an old quilt that has sentimental meaning to a family member. While this cutter quilt snowman is a little more intricate regarding creation, the final product is adorable!

For Friends: Sweater Snowmen
If you're searching for something a little easier to make, check out these sweater snowmen. They're the perfect gift to give to a friend. And bonus - there's no sewing involved! They are made from the sleeves of old sweaters that are filled with rice and tied off with rubber bands. Once the snowmen are put together, they can be embellished with buttons, paint dots and a painted toothpick for a nose.

For Your Neighbors: Stacked Mason Jar Snowmen
Put a little seasonal spin on the traditional gift idea of giving food to your neighbors with these mason jar snowmen. Each snowman uses three mason jars. A great idea is to fill them with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and mints. Stack the three jars and glue them together. The snowman faces can be added with a little bit of paint while hats and scarves can be created from felt. These snowmen are so cute - and tasty!

For Co-Workers or School Snacks: Snowman Donuts
Donuts are loved by kids and adults alike, making these snowman donut crafts perfect for your office or your kids' school. After buying the mini donut packs, all you need is black construction paper for a hat, black and orange sharpies to draw on buttons and a face, and red ribbon for a scarf. These are so easy that the kids can even help make them!

Do you have any snowman crafts that you like to give as gifts? Share them with us on our Facebook page!