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Gallon - Egg Custard Shaved Ice Syrup

Gallon - Egg Custard Shaved Ice Syrup
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Item Description

Item Description

You will be pleasantly surprised when you take a bite out of Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s egg custard snow cones. The thick, creamy taste is deliciously sweet. You will feel like you’re eating one of your grandmother’s old fashioned egg custard pies! Enjoy the nostalgia of childhood memories as you eat this tasty egg custard sno cone. Next time you have the family over for dinner, serve up some egg custard snow cones and watch everyone’s face light up with memories of homemade treats. This is a flavor that anyone can enjoy!

Egg custard shaved ice cones are easily a crowd favorite, so grab a gallon of this sweet and creamy snow cone syrup. Your friends and family will love the flavor; it brings people together! Egg custard is also available in the quart size and can be ordered in an assorted package with some of your other favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors!
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