I love a good cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea, but I must admit that it sometimes gets a little boring. And sure, I love going to the local coffee shop and splurging on the latest flavored drink (pumpkin spice all day!), but that habit can add up quickly. In order to find ways to cut back my spending (I've got to start saving for those holiday gifts), I started looking at what I already had in my pantry to add some flavor to my coffee and tea.

Of course, my pantry is always stocked with a variety of snow cone syrup flavors. I realized that adding just a little bit of a flavored syrup that I already own can go a long way in adding that variety I'm looking for in my regular hot drinks. Plus, I started experimenting with the other flavors that we sell and these are the delicious combinations I've found so far.

(Add your own personal desired amount of syrup. There's no right or wrong way to do it!)

Syrups that are delicious in coffee:

Syrups that taste great in hot tea:

The next flavors that I plan to try are chocolate in my coffee (faux mocha, anyone?) and candy apple in my tea (because it's fall). Clearly, I have a preference for a richer flavor in my coffee and a fruitier flavor in my tea, but your tastes might be completely different. Have you tried mixing any syrups with coffee or tea? Share your favorite flavor combinations with us on our Facebook page!