Is your child looking for a Halloween costume idea? Do you need a costume for a grown-up Halloween party? If you’re trying to think of some do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Of course, there might be a theme here, but we think these are all fun, creative ideas!

Halloween Costumes

  1. Popcorn - As far as clothing goes, you’ll need a white shirt and some sort of red and white striped bottom (pants, dress, skirt, etc.). Crumple up white paper into balls. Add yellow paint to look like butter. Glue the painted paper balls onto the shirt, and you’re ready to go! We also won’t judge if you carry around freshly popped popcorn for snacking (and hey, it adds that authentic popcorn scent to your costume).

  2. Milkshake - Find an outfit that looks like a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry milkshake (think brown, white, or pink). You’ll also need some white cotton batting that you can buy at the craft store. Swirl the batting into a “whipped cream” shape and glue it so it holds its shape. Then, glue the entire swirl onto a headband. Use a mini red balloon and a piece of red construction paper to create a cherry and glue the cherry on top of the whipped cream.

  3. Snow Cone Vendor - Cover a box with white craft paper. On the front, decorate the box with information about your Snow Cones and the price. Attach a piece of ribbon so you can hang the box around your neck. Cut holes out of the top of the box to hold your snow cones. Use paper cones and colored balls to make your snow cones. Add a paper hat to complete the look!

  4. Cotton Candy - This costume is so sweet! Buy some pillow fill and pink spray paint at the craft store. Glue pillow fill onto a shirt and pants (or tights, preferably both pink) so that it looks like a large fluffy ball of cotton candy. Then spray paint pink. Add a wig that you spray paint pink to match. Top with an over-sized paper cone made out of poster board and held into place with an elastic strap.

  5. Snow Cone - You knew this was going to be on our list, right?! Make a paper cone shaped blanket out of white fabric, some ribbon (or spare fabric strips), and iron on letters to spell out “Sno Cone.” (You could always make this a child or adult costume by using pieces of poster board cut into triangle shapes and hung around your neck.) Add a tie-dye shirt for a rainbow snow cone look. And the rainbow wig is a nice touch too!
Are you making your own costume this year? Tell us about it -- or better yet, share a picture with us on Facebook!