Christmas time is upon us! Weíve got our decorations up, the stockings are hung, and our shopping for the perfect gifts is (almost) done. At this festive time of the year, and probably the busiest, you may be the one in charge of holiday hosting and party planning. If your guests expect the holiday event of the century from you every single time, then it might be time to raise your party game.

Whatís something colorful and exciting that will not only be the perfect addition to your holiday table, but will also be a fun activity for the whole family? Making snow cones and shaved ice, of course! You have your snow cone or shaved ice machine, and all the accessories, but which flavored syrups will truly tie in to your Christmasy atmosphere?

Here are a few syrup suggestions to get you and your guests into the holiday spirit!

Festive Holiday Flavors

Polar Punch
There are countless Christmas carols illustrating the wondrous winter weather, from building snowmen, to dashing through the snow. What better way to capture that then with this truly snowy surprise that literally packs a punch - Polar Punch syrup! Bring the snow inside, and you wonít even need a heavy jacket! With every bite of your flavored shaved ice, you will feel completely cooled from head to toe. Having fun with snow isnít just for little kids when you have a cool snow cone or shaved ice machine. The bright, neon, blue color makes it even more appealing for the holiday crowd. As an added convenience, this flavor is available in quart and gallon sizes.

Enjoy some of the quintessential Christmas flavors in one unique, flavored snow cone syrup - Leche. It has a rich, creamy, vanilla flavor thatís just like a homemade milkshake, combined with a hit of cinnamon. It adds a new dimension of flavor that you simply canít get with the traditional vanilla taste that youíre accustomed to enjoying. But, you donít need to worry that itís too sophisticated for picky kids, as itís a popular flavor for all ages. Your guests will certainly appreciate this new twist on an old favorite and the classic Christmas red color.

Cake Batter
In preparing for the big holiday gathering, you may find yourself caught up in the kitchen baking cookies, cakes and pies of all sorts. This year, save yourself some time and give this delicious cake batter flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup a try. Simply pour a splash of this syrup over your shaved ice and youíll taste the authentic, sweet, rich taste of yellow cake batter! Itís just like eating the real thing, except you are not consuming unhealthy calories or slaving away baking desserts. Order just as much as you plan to use. Available in quart size, gallon size or a multi-pack.

This is just a sampling of some of the top flavors for the holidays. Use these to create a festive ambiance for your party or family get-togethers. Put together an unforgettable celebration. Visit Hawaiian Shaved Ice for more ideas, surprises, and recipes to get your creative juices flowing!