In May, we shared some ideas to celebrate mom on Motherís Day. But, June is all about dad. Thatís rightóFatherís Day is just five days away! As a child, coming up with the perfect gift for your father or grandfather seems quite simple. All you have to do is break out your best crayons and some construction paper, and create a cute greeting card or maybe a Ďfree hugí coupon!

But when youíre an adult, unless youíre a professional artist, your dad or granddad may not have the same sweet reaction to this sort of present. Instead of frantically and haphazardly throwing together a boring box of ties and socks, which your dad may easily misplace in his cluttered closet, make this year different by giving pop something thatís not only useful, but is also very unexpected.

Take your dad on a nostalgic trip to the county fair, complete with shaved ice, snow cones, and cotton candy. The best part is he wonít even have to pack any bags! With some of the following items, he can savor these sweet treats whenever he likes right at home.

No matter which one of those three treats dad prefers, we have a great selection for you to choose from.

Snow Cone Starter Package with Electric Snow Cone Machine
If just the thought of freshly made snow cones puts your dad in a cheerful mood, then this package will be just right for him. It contains our most popular snow cone machine, the S700, which is ideal for novice ice shavers, one quart of your choice of snow cone syrup, one bottle pourer, twenty five snow cone cups, twenty five spoon-straws and as a fun addition, one Hawaiian flower lei.

Start Fatherís Day by placing the colorful lei around your dadís neck. Then, using the ice cubes from your freezer to prepare your first batch of snow cones with the cool and simple machine, scoop it into the cups and pour a little bit of flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup on top.

Dad-Approved Syrups
Not sure which syrup will really satisfy your dad? Silver Fox will certainly capture his suave side, with a flavor as unique as its nameóa rich and creamy blend of vanilla and almond. Itís one of those satisfying flavors that is yummy on its own AND it can be combine with other flavors like chocolate or coffee.

If your dad likes to walk on the wild side, then Hurricane shaved ice syrup will meet his needs. It tastes just like the popular New Orleans cocktail minus the alcohol, so the whole family can try some. With each slurp, dad can expect a refreshing blend of passion fruit and sweet rum flavors, and maybe heíll be convinced that heís really strolling down Bourbon Street!

Cotton Candy Machine & Floss Sugar Pack
Perhaps the light and sweet taste of fresh, fluffy cotton candy is better suited for your dad. Instead of waiting for a special event like the carnival or a baseball game to roll into town, imagine how simple it would be to make cotton candy on your very own at the kitchen table! With this special package, you can make that dream a reality.

Included are three 11-ounce containers of floss sugar in cherry, grape and blue raspberry flavor, 50 cotton candy cones with reinforced handle ends, 1 measuring scoop, 6 paper cones and of course a durable Cotton Candy Maker with a clear rim, making it easy to see the cotton candy strands actually forming.

Within minutes you and your dad can start creating and enjoying authentic cotton candy without any hassle or sticky mess.

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