With Father's Day just around the corner, it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for Dad. We've got you covered if he loves Hawaiian Shaved Ice and refreshing cool treats! Check out our Father's Day gift guide for some ideas on making his day special. Happy Father's Day, dads!

As a child, coming up with the perfect gift for your father or grandfather seems quite simple. All you have to do is break out your best crayons and some construction paper and create a cute greeting card or maybe a 'free hug' coupon!

But when you're an adult, your dad or granddad may not have the same sweet reaction to this sort of present unless you're a professional artist. Instead of frantically and haphazardly throwing together a boring box of ties and socks, which your dad may easily misplace in his cluttered closet, make this year different by giving pop something useful, but it is also very unexpected.

Take your dad on a nostalgic trip to the county fair, complete with shaved ice, snow cones, and cotton candy. The best part is he won't even have to pack any bags! He can savor these sweet treats whenever he likes right at home with some of the following items.

1. Six Pints of Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrup
2. Cotton Candy Express Cotton Candy Maker
3. Our Top-Selling Home-Use Shaved Ice Machine
4. NEW! S777 HomePro Shaved Ice Machine
5. Snow Cone Machine Party Pack

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