For generations, cotton candy, also known as fairy floss has always been one of the most treasured treats since its debut. There is something satisfying about spinning colorful sugar and watching that fluff form right before your eyes. You probably get excited when the carnival comes to town, because that means you can sink your teeth into a sweet sample of fairy floss! Thankfully, with Hawaiian Shaved Ice on your side, you won’t have to anxiously wait for that time to roll around. All you need is a handy cotton candy machine of your very own to whip up homemade fairy floss in an instant.

Once you’ve got your machine set up, it takes a little bit of time to get into a rhythm, and get accustomed to proper usage. After that, making fairy floss is pure fun! To save you some frustration, we have outlined how to correctly and effectively use the Jelly Belly™ cotton candy maker. With this guide and a little bit of practice, you can make fairy floss just like the professionals!

Prep and Setup
Before you start using your fairy floss maker, be sure to thoroughly rinse the bowl and flossing rim in warm, soapy water and let them dry completely. Also, make sure the heating plate inside is totally dry before you add any sugar.

To assemble, place the collection bowl (the wide top where the floss will form) on top of the base (which has the on/off switch), and gently push down to snap in place.

Place the cotton candy machine on a dry, flat surface, away from edges. Gently press down on the base to secure the suction feet to the surface. Then, make sure all parts of the machine are safely and fully attached.

Finally, before you plug the power cord into an outlet, switch the power button to the ‘off’ position.

Making Your Fairy Floss
Your cotton candy maker should come with a measuring scoop as well as six paper cones. You will most certainly need the main ingredient—cotton candy floss sugar. Be certain you have all of these before you get started.

Switch the machine on, and let it run for three to five minutes to preheat. You should see the inner plate spinning. Once it’s done preheating, switch the machine off and wait for the plate to stop spinning.

Using your scoop, pour one tablespoon into the center plate opening. Make sure you do not overfill. Do your best to keep sugar inside the center. If a little bit does get outside of the opening, lightly tap the sides of the collection bowl, so it remains level.

Next, you’ll switch the cotton candy machine on again. Be careful, as some of the sugar may fly out as the inner plate is spinning. Once you see the fairy floss forming around the rim, start collecting it using your cone.

To collect the cotton candy, hold the cone vertically (with the point facing you), and rotate it as you circle it around the bowl. After you’ve collected some, hold the cone horizontally and roll it back and forth over the rim, without touching the inner plate.

After all of the fairy floss has been dispensed, switch the machine off and allow the inner spinning plate come to a full stop. You may now make another batch using the above steps. If you’re finished using the machine, unplug and let it cool completely before you do any cleaning.

So, the next time you have a party to plan or want to bring that fair experience home, get out your cotton candy machine and start the fairy floss fun with Hawaiian Shaved Ice!