Shaved ice is one of the most popular desserts in the world, from Japan to India to Mexico and beyond, each made according to the native style. Here, in the United States, shaved ice has become synonymous with concession stands and county carnivals. However, with Hawaiian Shaved Ice you won’t have to travel very far to enjoy flavorful shaved ice just the way you like it, whenever you like it.

In just a few simple steps, you can whip up your very own fresh and frosty sampling. Take a look at our handy infographic and before you know it, you’ll be cranking out colorful cups of fluffy shaved ice at home for your friends and family!

How To Make Shaved Ice At Home

Step 1: Place Your Order
First of all, you can’t make shaved ice at home without a good machine. Place an order for the S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine. This model is the perfect choice for those frequent entertainers and shaved ice enthusiasts. It is easy to operate, clean and store without the hassle. Your order is not complete without yummy flavored shaved ice syrups! Choose a syrup package, or order syrups individually. There are over 100 absolutely delicious flavors to pick from! Last, but certainly not least, you will need the proper serving tools—cups, cones, spoons, and straws. Remember, you will need all of these elements to create the perfect shaved ice.

Step 2: Unpack Your Order Upon Arrival
Once your order has arrived, obviously, you will want to set up your shaved ice machine so it’s ready to go. Simply follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual, step by step, while observing all of the safety precautions.

Step 3: Freeze
Fill the two ice molds provided with water, and place them in the freezer overnight. The next day, you will have the most important ingredient in shaved ice—ice!

Step 4: Thaw
You’re almost there! Next, you will remove the ice molds from the freezer. Allow the ice blocks to thaw for 5-7 minutes. This will provide the best quality snow possible.

Step 5: Harvest
Now, you’ll remove the ice from the molds and put the ice block into the ice crusher cup and you’re ready to start shaving!

Step 6: Shave the Ice
The time has finally come—let’s shave some ice! Simply, place the motor unit on top, and press the center of the large gray button, applying medium pressure. By placing too much pressure on this button, it may cause the ice to become crunchy instead of fluffy.

Pro Tip! Through our experience, we have found that when setting up your shaved ice machine, it is useful to adjust the blade height using a standard Phillips-head screwdriver. Doing so allows for various textures of ice shavings.

There you have it! It took just six easy steps to create some of the most special and satisfying shaved ice you’ve ever had. We warmly invite you to try your hand at shaved ice making today, and discover why this fun treat has been capturing the hearts and taste buds of kids and adults everywhere.