When you think of cotton candy, you are probably transported back to your childhood, when you excitedly attended the county fair or carnival and delighted in a stick of the fresh, puffy pink clouds of sweet joy. How would you like to take a trip down memory lane and have cotton candy whenever you want? If you have some special people in your life who absolutely love the soft, mouthwatering sugary goodness of cotton candy, then we've got a great gift guide for you! This selection of goodies will absolutely hit their sweet spotóliterally!

Cotton Candy Machine
Hereís the perfect way to get any party started, whether for kids or grown-ups. With our easy-to-use cotton candy machines, youíll have fun looking through the clear rim and seeing the cotton candy form right before your eyes. After that, whatís the use of a machine if you canít serve it! Donít worry! Serving your delicious creations is a breeze, since this cotton candy machine comes with a measuring scoop and six paper cones.

Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Fun Pack
If those special gift recipients already have this stylishly simple cotton candy machine, then they will undoubtedly need the flavor essentials to enjoy the complete experience. With this handy fun pack those cotton candy connoisseurs can make up to 50 servings of cotton candy in three different flavors ó cherry, raspberry and grape! For complete convenience, users will even get 50 cotton candy cones with reinforced ends to make and serve colorful cotton candy like a true professional.

Cotton Candy Machine & Floss Sugar Pack
Not only will you get the convenient cotton candy machine, the three classic flavors, and high quality cotton candy cones, you will ALSO get the measuring scoop and the six paper cones that come with the machine. In no time, your gift recipients will be totally ready to churn out plenty of heavenly helpings of colorful cotton candy. It will be the perfect party starter every single time!

With the help of Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you can surprise cotton candy lovers of all ages and help them enjoy their absolute favorite sweet treats whenever and wherever, in a matter of minutes. Whether itís for a special get together or a front yard concession stand they will have everything they need all together. For more creative gift ideas and sweet supplies, explore the rest of our website and like us on Facebook.