We’ve given you some ideas on how you can plan the perfect snow cone party for kids but as you know, delicious flavored snow cones are certainly not strictly for the little ones. It may seem far-fetched to make snow cones a basis for a complete adult occasion but with the right tools and tricks, it’s not impossible as you may think. Your guests will be absolutely amazed by your creativity and ability to turn a popular treat into a sophisticated event.

You may have a refreshment table, but you can make snow cones the star of your event by setting up a professional-looking snow cone bar. On a sleek table with minimal decoration, have a set of five different flavored snow cone syrups for guests to choose from, and you can either have someone on hand to shave the ice for them, or you can allow them to make their own.

To turn up the volume, stray away from the traditional classic flavors like cherry and grape and try some of our more exotic flavors to satisfy your adult palate like Coffee, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito, Tamarind and Hot Cinnamon. As these yummy delights truly taste like the actual beverage, they will appeal to the adult palate and sensibilities. Our flavored syrup packages make it easy for you to get all of your favorite syrups all at once. Next, replace your plain, paper snow cone cups with our silicone snow cone cups with holders, which have a sophisticated design to reduce messes and for visual appeal.

You can also make your own signature snow cones using some unexpected ingredients, which are far from being kid-friendly! We’ve previously shared a few adult-friendly shaved ice recipes to impress your guests. To further enhance the snow cone theme of your event and as a bonus to the cool flavored syrups we mentioned, give these simple recipes a try and you just may surprise yourself. Your guests will appreciate the variety of flavors that you have so beautifully presented.

For your next party or special event, toss aside those boring beers and incorporate refreshing and extraordinarily flavorful snow cones into your menu. You’ll take your special occasion from average to impressive! Literally create a tasteful ambiance, that will have your grown-up guests cheering even afterwards and asking when the next party will be!

For all of your shaved ice and snow cone needs, from flavored syrups to handy machines and accessories, Hawaiian Shaved Ice has you covered. If you have any recipes or party ideas of your own, please feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page and you may be featured in a post!