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Hawaiian Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrup

Hawaiian Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrup
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Item Description

Item Description

Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup has the perfect tropical punch flavor that satisfies anyoneís sweet tooth. This blend of fruity tastes features a bright, bold red color to look just like the fruit punch youíve come to know and love over the years. This Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup comes in a quart-sized shaved ice syrup container, just like all of our other fruity flavors. Itís ready to use upon arrival so that you can get right down to the business of making your very own tropical punch snow cones with your shaved ice machine. Drizzle this deliciously sweet and tangy quart-sized shaved ice syrup over your shaved ice to create a cool and refreshing treat at any time of the year.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup is just one of our popular fruity flavors. Try our grape, cherry, blackberry, banana or any of our other fruit-inspired flavors to create a sweet treat. We also offer other quart-sized shaved ice syrup options, including a number of creamy flavors like Bahama Mama which has a pina colada flavor or our Dreamsycle with the taste of a real orange push-up pop. All of these flavors are great options to include alongside your Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup since they all have that distinctive summer taste to them. Serve them up at a birthday party, family gathering or just after dinner with your kids to make any event or evening a bit more special.

When selecting your Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup, donít forget that you can order your quart-sized shaved ice syrups individually or as part of a custom-ordered multi-pack of flavors. We also have all your favorite flavors available in gallon size for those who canít get enough of their favorite shaved ice. When choosing your flavors, Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavored syrup is a favorite to keep in mind due to its familiar taste. This particular quart-sized shaved ice syrup is known to be a crowd-pleaser for shaved ice fans of all ages.