We would be remiss here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice if we have the word “Hawaiian” in our company name but didn’t take the time to learn a little about Hawaiian culture, traditions, and language. Plus, many of us like to plan ahead for our dream trips to Hawaii!


While we’ve tried out many of the favorite shaved ice flavors of Hawaii (like guava, pineapple, and passion fruit), we are continuing to build up our Hawaiian vocabulary. Here are 15 Hawaiian words to know:

Hawaiian Word English Translation
Aloha hello, goodbye, love
Mahalo thank you
Ohana family
E Komo Mai welcome
Hula Hawaiian dance
Luau party, feast
Ono good, tasty
Wikiwiki speedy, fast
Wahine woman
Kane man
Keiki child
Tutu grandparent
Hale house, home
Mauka toward mountains
Makai toward the ocean

Of course, if you’re in Hawaii, you don’t have to know Hawaiian -- English is the primary language -- but knowing some of these words and phrases can definitely help. And with these Hawaiian words, you’ll know to say “Mahalo” after you buy a local shaved ice treat!