Summerís coming, and many of us are trying to get our bathing suit bodies ready for the beach. But even when youíre trying to watch what you eat, it can be hard to resist a sweet treat every now and then. Some nutrition experts even recommend that you not deprive yourself of these treats and instead indulge, just in moderation, to avoid binges in the future.

Interested in cutting back on processed foods or artificial flavors? Hereís another great way to enjoy a healthy snow cone. Purchase our top selling electric shaved ice machine (the S900A), so you can make all the shaved ice that you need. Then, to keep the flavoring all natural and homemade, we have a suggestion for a simple way to make your own flavored syrups at home. Purchase 100% fruit juice concentrate (usually found in your grocerís freezer section). Thaw the cans, pour them over your shaved ice, and grab a spoon. If you find that the taste is too strong using the fruit juice concentrate, you can try slightly diluting the juice with water.

So donít deny yourself a cool refreshing snow cone this summer -- just choose the healthier option! At, we want everyone to be able to enjoy a delicious treat -- young or old, dietary restrictions or not. How do you fit snow cones or shaved ice treats into your healthy lifestyle? Have you ever made your own healthy snow cone syrup flavors? Tell us about your healthy snow cones on our Facebook page or email us at