Everyone’s busy planning how they’re going to spend July 4th -- watching parades, barbeques, taking in a fireworks show. When you’re planning your Independence Day celebrations, don’t forget that snow cones and shaved ice treats are always a hit with friends and family, young and old. To help you plan for your Fourth of July festivities, we’ve re-invented some of our favorite “All American” treats as snow cone and shaved ice recipes to celebrate the USA! No baking needed for these quick pour treats!

All American Snow Cone Recipes

Caramel Apple - Green Apple Syrup topped with Caramel Sauce

Cherry Cobbler - ½ Cherry Syrup, ½ Egg Custard Syrup, topped with Cream*

Blueberry Cobbler - ½ Blueberry Syrup, ½ Ice Cream Syrup, topped with Cream

Coconut Cream Pie - ¾ Creamy Coconut Syrup, ¼ Egg Custard Syrup

Dutch Apple Pie - ½ Granny Smith Apple Syrup, ½ Ice Cream Syrup, topped with Cream and a touch of Hot Cinnamon Syrup

Fireball - use Hot Cinnamon Syrup

Star Spangled Shaver - a traditional red, white and blue shaved ice

Flavored Lemonades - layer Lemonade Syrup with a fruity flavor choice (like Strawberry or Raspberry)

Sunshine - ½ Creamy Coconut Syrup, ½ Tangerine Syrup

*Cream Recipe - simply use condensed milk, or dilute condensed milk with evaporated milk to make your cream topping last longer (more servings). You can use the ratio of two cans of evaporated milk to one can of condensed milk.