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Lemon-Lime Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon

Lemon-Lime Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon
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Item Description

Item Description

This slightly tart but completely delicious lemon-lime flavored shaved ice syrup is a great citrus blend to have at your next gathering. This Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavor is definitely more sour than some of our other syrups, but tasty all the same. If you love the tart taste of lemons and sour limes, then this lemon-lime flavor is perfect for you. This lip-smacking treat is a great refresher on a hot day.

Just thinking about the tasty, sour, lemon-lime shaved ice syrup is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Share this shaved ice experience with your friends and family and enjoy the tangy flavor together! You should go ahead and buy this lemon-lime flavor in the gallon so all can bite into this mouth-puckering treat. If you need a smaller amount, this flavor is also available for purchase in a quart size, or it can be combined in an assorted package with other great Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors!
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