It seems as though spring has just sprung, but we are only a few months away from the start of summer! That means warmer days, long and lazy vacations and last but certainly not least, refreshing treats to help you beat the heat. Something that you’ll soon see popping up around town are lemonade stands. Yes, lemonade is one of those timeless summer beverages that appeal to both children and adults alike.

That’s what makes it a perfect flavor for shaved ice and snow cone syrup too. When it comes to lemonade, there are generally two camps of consumers—those who love the regular lemonade and those who gravitate more towards pink lemonade. This is very much the case with shaved ice and snow cone consumers as well.

What’s the difference between the two flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrups—lemonade and pink lemonade and what makes them both so popular? These are the questions that we hope to answer for you.

Lemonade Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Just like a glass of freshly squeezed, ice-cold lemonade, lemonade flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup has the same tart, tangy taste that gives you a jolt of energy with every slurp you take, balanced with a subtle sweetness. Want to save a few dollars? Make your very own batch of shaved ice or snow cones with your shaved ice machine, pour some lemonade flavored syrup on top and you’re ready to go! The best part is you can enjoy that fresh lemonade flavor all season and all year long, in the comfort of your home. Lemonade shaved ice and snow cone syrup has a cool, clear color that mimics real frozen lemonade, sure to delight consumers of all ages.

Pink Lemonade Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Commonly, the difference between these two beverages is as you may have guessed, the pink color. This is usually achieved by adding pink food coloring or flavors like cherry, cranberry, raspberry, or strawberry. Now, when we compare the two shaved ice and snow cone syrups, pink lemonade syrup does have some enhanced flavors, and it has a sweeter, less tart flavor than lemonade. The primary distinguishing feature is undoubtedly, the beautiful pink color that makes the flavored syrup look exactly like the popular drink. With Hawaiian Shaved Ice, it’s easy to enjoy the satisfying flavor of pink lemonade whenever with a shaved ice or snow cone machine and some pink lemonade shaved ice and snow cone syrup topping.

As you can see, there are some subtle and not so subtle differences between lemonade and pink lemonade shaved ice and snow cone syrups. No matter which flavor is your favorite, these are both invigorating treats to help you stay energized, especially when it’s warm and sizzling outside!

Now, it’s your turn. Are you on team lemonade or team pink lemonade with your shaved ice and snow cones? We'd love to know which one is your personal favorite and why. Share with us on our Facebook page.