It’s no secret that we have a passion for shaved ice and snow cones around here. It can give your party a burst of energy, is a perfect pick-me-up on a dreary day and is a truly refreshing way to cool off. You probably wouldn’t argue that shaved ice and snow cones are scrumptious on their own—a delightful array of colorful syrups delicately poured over homemade, fluffy shaved ice.

If you are the owner of a shaved ice stand, looking for creative ways to capture the attention of potential customers, or are a party host hoping to make your occasion a little more exciting and out of the ordinary, then we have some magical ideas.

No, you don’t have to be a wizard and put on a star-studded show (as fun as that may sound)! All you need is your shaved ice machine, a colorful collection of flavored syrups and the right accessories to dazzle your shaved ice customers and consumers.

You think that your standard paper cups and plastic spoons will fit the bill just fine. But, would you believe it if we said that the right utensils could potentially make your shaved ice even more fun and exciting? We’ve reached into our bag of magic tricks and pulled out a few that you may want to try for yourself!

Color Changing Bowls
Once you prepare your delicious batch of shaved ice, put it in these special bowls and drizzle your favorite flavored syrup on top. Before your very eyes, you will instantly see the bowls change colors! Kids of all ages as well as adults will be treated to this pleasant surprise and will ask you how that color changing magic is even possible! For an additional convenience, these bowls are completely dishwasher-safe, making clean up an easy job. This pack of ten includes five pink bowls that change to purple and five yellow bowls that change to green.

Color Changing Spoons
Make any occasion a little bit brighter and impress your shaved ice recipients, young and old with every bite. As soon as shaved ice hits these enchanting spoons you will see what the excitement is about. Pink spoons change to purple, yellow spoons change to green and white spoons change to blue. Our color changing spoons are sturdy and come in packs of fifty, so you should have plenty in stock, ready to go. Just like our color changing bowls these spoons are dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

Color Changing Spoon-Straws
Spoon-straws make it convenient to slurp up your favorite flavored shaved ice with less of a mess. Whether you want to scoop or sip, these heavy-duty plastic spoon-straws will certainly make a difference. Unlike your regular spoon straws these come with a sprinkling of magic. As shaved ice moves from your cup through the spoon-straw you will see the colors completely transform. Yellow spoon-straws turn orange and pink turns purple! Our packs of color changing spoon-straws come in packs of thirty—fifteen yellow and fifteen pink.

Imagine the creative color combinations you can create when you have all of these color-changing accessories to enhance the quality of your shaved ice! It doesn’t matter whether you are using these for your shaved ice business or just for your family; this magic never ceases to amaze! Please remember to check back for more shaved ice fun at Hawaiian Shaved Ice.