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Manual Shaved Ice Machine

Manual Shaved Ice Machine
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Item Description

Item Description

Turn ordinary ice into fluffy, deliciously flavored snow with this kid-friendly Manual Ice Shaver. It’s the perfect addition to any kitchen because the easy-to-turn top hand crank and safely enclosed ice chamber make it simple for little hands to operate. It's attached drip tray makes cleaning up a snap; the machine itself doesn’t even need to be washed if you're using plain ice. This 5.5-inch by 8-inch by 10.8-inch Manual Ice Shaver is a must-have for sleepovers, pool parties, and cozy get-togethers.

This machine is also available in a party pack with three flavored syrups, straws, and cups. Don’t forget to check out our wide selection of flavored syrups!

Getting Started With Your Machine

We love the Jelly Belly Manual Ice Shaver. This easy-to-assemble machine comes with the following:

  • Handle
  • Container
  • Base
  • Ice Cups (2)

Before using this manual shaver, fill the two supplied ice cups with water and place flat in your freezer. When frozen solid, loosen the ice block by holding the mold in your hand for a few seconds to warm up. A great way to stock up is to remove the ice and place the block in a freezer safe bag. Continue making ice until you've stocked up your desired amount for future use. Ice cubes will also work in this machine but require a little more effort to turn the handle.

To assemble the shaver, simply screw the handle into the top in a clockwise direction. To begin shaving, unscrew the ice gripper from the top of the machine. Go ahead and place your ice block (removed from the mold) in the ice container. Position the empty ice cup or small bowl underneath the blade to catch your freshly shaved snow!

Twist the lid and handle assembly on the machine clockwise until tight. Turn the handle clockwise and apply downward pressure to shave the ice. After shaving your desired amount of snow, transfer to our sturdy snow cone cups, add your favorite Snow Cone Syrup and enjoy your frosty treat!

When the ice block is completely shaved, empty out any remaining ice or water and add a new block of ice to make more!


After each use, shake out any water or ice particles remaining in the machine. It's not necessary to wash the machine after using ice made only from water. Simply dry the machine with a cloth, being careful not to injure yourself on the blade.

PDF Download Manual Shaved Ice Machine Owner's Manual