At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we love all the bright colors of syrup that you can use on snow cones and shaved ice. They taste great and look fun! Itís even better when you try out several flavors and colors at once. Multi-colored, rainbow, unicorn -- the possibilities when mixing shaved ice syrup are almost limitless.

Letís take a minute and review some basic information about colors. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors are orange, green, and violet. When youíre making a snow cone, if you overlap red and yellow syrups, youíll make an orange treat. Similarly, overlapping yellow and blue makes green and red and blue makes violet.

Color Wheel
What are some great flavor combinations that also make fun color combinations? Check these out:

Blue Raspberry + Cherry = delicious violet
Coco-Banana + Orange Pineapple = a fun shade of yellow-orange
Blue Cotton Candy + Cake Batter = yummy green

When youíre making your own shaved ice and snow cones, you definitely donít have to stick to mixing primary colors. It can be fun to experiment and see what happens when you mix all different types of colors and even if you mix more than two flavors! Try creating a whole rainbow in one icy treat!

Whatís your favorite color combination? Weíd love to hear about it on our Facebook page. Send us some pictures too!