Happy New Year! Yes, we know we're a little late in that sentiment, but things have been busy here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice. We've been planning for 2018, and in the spirit of planning, we have discovered that there are many members of the Hawaiian Shaved Ice team that enjoy using a planner book.

And we certainly aren't the only ones. Planning (or plannering, as some people call it) has become extremely popular. Every year, many women and men buy a new planner, whether day by day or weekly or monthly. Using a planner is a great way to stay organized, and some people actually prefer to put pen to paper instead of using a digital calendar. There can be something very satisfying about physically checking an item off a to do list or flipping pages to see what you've completed in the past and what you have to do in the future.

Some popular brands of planners include Erin Condren Life Planner, Plum Paper Planner, The Happy Planner, Day Designer Daily Planner, and Emily Ley Simplified Planner, to name a few. A single planner can be used for everything, but some people choose to keep multiple planners (one for work, home, fitness, finances, etc.). There are Facebook groups and conferences dedicated to using planners as well as for sharing tips, tricks, and strategies for planning.

Beyond even the use of a planner are people who use planners and also decorate them. Some people decorate for the whole year all at once; others decorate at the beginning of each week. On a decorated planner, you might find stickers, washi tape, various colored pens and pencils, and more to indicate important dates or items. Furthermore, Pinterest and Instagram are full of planner decorating ideas.

Sure, it can be more difficult to remember to carry around a planner book instead of a phone that fits easily in a pocket, but for now, I'm going to stick to my planner, and I'll be decorating it throughout 2018. Do you use a planner? Do you decorate it? Have any tips or tricks to share? As we continue to plan for an exciting year ahead here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice, our team would love to hear more about how you stay organized.