Let’s face it -- pumpkin carving can be tough work. My kids don’t even like to help pull the gooey seeds out, so that leaves all the work for the parents! This year, we’re going to change it up and do things a little differently. We are going to paint our pumpkins!

I’ve been asking around the office for some cute “no carve” pumpkin decorating ideas, and I thought I’d share these ideas from the Hawaiian Shaved Ice team.

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Melting Ice Cream Pumpkins: Paint a pumpkin so that it resembles your favorite flavor of ice cream (think vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip). If you want to do a double scoop cone, you can paint two pumpkins; you’ll just want to make sure they are similar in size and can be stacked. Use a large piece of kraft paper rolled into a cone shape and attach it to the top of the pumpkin so it looks like your ice cream cone is upside-down. Cut a piece of poster board so that it resembles a melted ice cream spot and paint it so it matches your pumpkin. Place the poster board under the pumpkin. (Our inspiration comes from Martha Stewart.)

Personalized Pumpkins: An easy idea for your pumpkins is to paint them with your initial(s) or your house number. And if you’re looking for an even less messy idea for decorating, use letter or number stickers from your local craft store. These personalized pumpkins are quick, cute, and super easy!

Pineapple Pumpkins: Dress your pumpkin like a pineapple! Did you know that in the south the pineapple is a symbol of southern hospitality? Paint your pumpkin yellow. Then use some green cardstock to create the tall leaves/stem, gluing the leaves into place. You can also draw black “V”s on the pumpkin with a sharpie so it looks even more like a pineapple. (And maybe you’ll want to enjoy a pineapple snow cone while you decorate your pumpkin for inspiration!)

Punny Pumpkins: Paint your pumpkin any color that you want. Then add a cute pun/saying/phrase with stickers from the craft store. Some of our favorites are “I’m here for the Boos” and “Creep it real.” (For more ideas, check these out.)

How are you decorating your pumpkins this year? Share a picture with us on our Facebook page!