It snowed a few weeks ago in North Carolina. For some of our readers, you might be thinking, "Of course it snowed; it's winter." But in North Carolina, it can be a rare sight. With this storm, some parts of North Carolina even saw significant snow accumulation (10-12 inches). The snow had us all feeling like kids again, so the Hawaiian Shaved Ice team decided to brainstorm some unique outdoor snow activities.

Snow Paint
Gather up some plastic spray bottles. Empty cleaning bottles work well for this activity, or you can order some bottles from our sister site. Fill each bottle with water, and then add as much food coloring as you want to make vibrant colors. Close with the spray cap and shake. Bundle up the kids and send them out into the snow with these colorful spray bottles. They can create colorful masterpieces to decorate your yard by spraying the colored water onto the snow.

Tic Tac Toe in the Snow
Search for a bunch of twigs and pinecones. Use a larger stick to draw a tic tac toe board in the snow. Tie two sticks together to make an "X" shape (or simply lay two small twigs down in an "X"). Use pinecones as the "O"s. You can play tic tac toe all over your yard!

Snow Cream
Gather some freshly fallen snow (approximately 4 cups), and don't forget to read about the safety of eating snow! Then, mix the 4 cups of snow with 1 cup of milk, cup of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. As an alternative, you can top your fresh snow with Hawaiian Shaved Ice's Homemade Ice Cream syrup and a touch of evaporated milk. Dig in with a spoon and enjoy!

Potato Head Snow Men
Send your kids out to build a snowman -- or a whole family of snowmen. Then, instead of searching for rocks, carrots, hats, sticks, and the like, decorate them using Mr. Potato Head pieces.

What are some of the creative things your kids (or family) do to have fun in the snow? Share them with us on our Facebook page!