When I first heard someone talk about a “Piccadilly,” I was very confused. The only Piccadilly I had ever heard of is a street in London. How could someone be ordering one at a snow cone stand? A piccadilly snow cone is basically a snow cone with pickles in it. To some, that sounds like an off-putting flavor combination. Others like the mixture of sour and sweet. One place you’ll commonly find Piccadilly snow cones is in Texas.


Piccadilly Snow Cone

Most piccadilly snow cones do not involve dill pickle syrup combined with pickles, although a piccadilly can be made with any flavor of syrup that you want. The most common piccadilly combination is cherry syrup and pickle chunks combined in the snow cone. Some people take their piccadilly snow cones to the next level and add spices like cayenne pepper, chamoy sauce, or chili salt.

So the next time you’re considering trying a new flavor combination for your snow cones, consider trying a Piccadilly! We’ll supply the cherry syrup flavor and you buy the pickles. And it might be cliche, but there are probably a lot of pregnant women that would love to try this sweet and sour treat during hot summer months!

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