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Pink Lemonade Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon

Pink Lemonade Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon
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Item Description

Item Description

Hawaiian Shaved Ice pink lemonade flavored syrup the perfect icy treat on a hot summer day. After your first bite of this snow cone, you will feel like you are standing in front of a lemonade stand. The refreshing and tart lemonade flavor of our pink lemonade shaved ice syrup will have people lining up down the street (if it really was from a lemonade stand, that is!). Whether you’re serving it up in the summer or just making a treat for yourself, pink lemonade flavored shaved ice syrup is sure to please everyone.

Pour plenty of this pink lemonade shaved ice syrup on your next snow cone and you will feel instantly refreshed. For ultimate satisfaction, purchase Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s gallon sized bottle. It is also available in the quart-size bottle, and even an assortment package for all of your favorite flavors of shaved ice syrup!
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