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Professional Snow Cone Machine - Sno King

Professional Snow Cone Machine - Sno King
Professional Snow Cone Machine - Sno KingProfessional Snow Cone Machine - Sno King
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Item Description

Item Description

Durable, reliable and capable of processing up to 500 pounds of ice per hour, the 1888 Sno-King is the perfect solution for your large-scale snow cone needs. If you run church picnics and socials, or you’re in charge of the family reunion every year, this heavy-duty snow cone machine can meet demand without complex operating procedures or frequent cleanup. With a kill switch, a drain hose and a top-mounted motor, the 1888 Sno-King can help you safely pull off the perfect event. Don’t forget to order a variety of shaved ice syrups for your guests!

More questions, check out the FAQ’s above or give us a call at 1-800-620-2869. Ask us how you can get a free copy of Cold Cash, our 110 page shaved ice and snow cone business manual. This manual gives you a comprehensive guide on operating a snow cone business.

1888 Sno-King Professional Snow Cone Machine Specifications:

  • Durable 1/4-inch-thick cabinet
  • 500-lb.-per-hour capacity
  • Push handle
  • Top-mounted motor
  • Includes drain hose
  • Blue-polyethylene exterior
  • 1/3 hp motor, 1725 RPM, 6.8 amps
  • UL listed
  • Weight: 45lbs.
  • 26"w x 14"d x 29"h

IMPORTANT: To offer the lowest price to our customers, this item ships Ground directly from the manufacturer. We are unable to ship outside the United States or offer Next Day, Second Day or 3-Day Air on this item. Please call 1-800-620-2869 with any questions!

Getting Started With Your Machine

Each Sno-King 1888 Snow Cone Machine is completely assembled and tested at the factory. When you receive your machine, simply remove all packing material and tape before starting operation. We recommend this machine be plugged directly into a wall outlet. The use of extension cords is not recommended due to safety concerns and may cause sacrificed and/or reduced performance.

Before you plug in your machine, make sure the wall outlet can accept the grounded plugs on the power cord. The wall outlet must have the proper polarity. If in doubt, have a competent electrician inspect the outlet and correct if necessary. DO NOT use a grounded to ungrounded receptacle adapter.

To operate your Sno-King Snow Cone machine, open the feed lever. Using an ice scoop, simply fill the ice chute with cubed ice or bagged ice. This machine is not intended for pellet or flake ice. Flip the on-off switch to the on position. Press the red safety button with your left hand and gently pull down on the feed lever with your right hand. The snow cone ice will start dispensing immediately. When you're finished shaving, go ahead and turn the power switch in the off position. Now you're ready to start shaping your snow cones!

Using a snow cone dipper and snow cone cups, fill the snow cone with ice. Next mold a round ball of ice on the top of the cone. When complete, add your favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice Premium Shaved Ice Syrup and enjoy your flavorful ice!


Cleaning the Sno-King is a breeze. Simply use a dry and clean cloth and wipe the outside parts until they are dry. Lift the pusher cap and allow the blade area to air dry. Do not insert your hand in the ice hopper - the blades are very sharp. Do not use heavy or abrasive cleaners, as they will damage parts of the machine. Ammonia cleaners will damage the Lexan Windows. Use only non-ammonia cleaners.

Changing the Blade

This machine features two rotating blades that provide the best snow cone possible. It is recommended that you change your blade every 2,000 - 4,000 servings. Before changing the blade, make sure you unplug the machine first. After you have unplugged the machine, inspect your equipment before replacing the blades. Use a flashlight to examine the blades in the shaver body. If the blades appear to be nicked or bent, then the blades should definitely be replaced.

Follow This Procedure to Change the Blades

  1. Unplug the main power supply cord from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the blade head from the motor shaft by loosening the Allen head set screws. (Access to the set screws may be between the hopper and motor or from the underside opening of the hopper inside the cabinet).
  3. Remove the blade head. Pull the blade head off of the motor shaft and through the hopper. If the shaver head is frozen onto the shaft, remove the hold down bolts on the motor. Pull the motor back, trapping the shaver head against the inside of the hopper, until the shaver head disengages.
  4. After removing the blade head, check the motor shaft for burrs and corrosion. Use a fine tooth file to remove the burrs and corrosion.
  5. Remove the blades from the shaver head. These blades may be re-sharpened by a professional. Household sharpeners are not recommended. It is far better to replace the old blades with a new set.
  6. Position the new blades and insert screws until they are finger tight.
  7. Set the blade thickness equal to a dime. Make sure that the height is even across the blade head.
  8. Tighten the blade screws completely. Check the blades again with a dime to ensure the blades did not move while tightening the screws.
  9. Replace the motor and blade head. Mount the motor using the hold down bolts. Insert the blade head through the hopper and onto the motor shaft. Press the blade head onto the motor shaft with the pusher handle, and then move the blade head in another 1/8". Check that the blade head is not rubbing against the back of the hopper and the blades are not touching the pusher handle or sides of the hopper.
  10. Tighten the set screws in the blade head.

NOTE: Replace the shims that were between the motor base and the mounting surface.

PDF Download 1888 Sno-King Snow Cone Machine Owner's Manual

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