Each week during the month of November the team will be sharing their responses to a “Question of the Week” series.

WEEK 1 – What is the best costume you have ever worn for Halloween?

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Team
Gary Mac Herring, Owner – The best costume I’ve ever worn was my first couples costume with my wife. We were the 'Miss Mary Mack' nursery rhyme. She was Miss Mary Mack and I was the elephant that jumps over the fence. I dressed in all gray with elephant ears and had a fence that I carried in front of myself. It was fitting for two reasons – my name is Gary Mac and my company is called Mary Mack’s Inc.

Kevin Sandy, Inventory Manager & Customer Service Representative – A nerd. It was easy, cheap, and I didn’t have to think about it, my wife came up with the idea. All I had to do was buy suspenders and glasses.

Dustin K., Director of Operations – My favorite costume isn’t actually mine, but it’s the one I made for my son this year. He is going as a fidget spinner, I made out of cardboard. It lights up and spins. The best part is, he had an idea and I turned it into reality.

Brittany Taylor, Marketing Manager – That’s tough. I’m an identical twin, so I’ve been a part of a couples costume my entire life. First with my twin, and now I pair up with my husband. So, I’m going to give two answers. My favorite costume with my husband circa 2012 as Bonnie & Clyde. I had to tuck my long blonde hair under and pin it to give myself short hair, it looked so real. All of my friends thought I had chopped my hair off. My favorite costume with my twin sister would have been in grade school, I think 5th grade to be exact, when we went as Two-Peas-In-A-Pod. Our heads were the peas and we had a pod that connected us. It was tough to wear in class but it was fun walking down the halls connected, we were the line leader(s) that day. [Shout out to our Mom for always making out costumes. Store bought was not our style!]

Joana Gonzalez, Customer Service Representative – The best costume I’ve ever worn has to be last years (2016) costume – The Day of the Dead. I woke up super early, before work to curl my hair and do my own intricate makeup. My outfit was pulled together with a few pieces from my grandma and the thrift store. I’ve actually been the same thing for the past 3 years but last year has been the best overall.

Trey Murawski, Marketing Coordinator – When I was 3 years old I was a gigantic dragon and it was HOT. This was a last-minute costume, bought at the very last second. I wasn’t happy being this goofy looking dragon but you see I had a little bit of an accident. Two days before Halloween I decide it would be a good idea to cut my hair. I ruined my only opportunity to be Jack from Titanic for Halloween. Ha, good times!

Josh Pruyn, Production Assistant – It would have to be the year I dressed as 'Flavor Flav.' I went to Walmart and bought the biggest wall clock they had and tied it around my neck. I used Mardi Gras beads as my gold chain necklaces, and dressed in a jersey, jeans and boots.

Cornelius Ingram, Shipping Manager – I think I was in Elementary School. The entire class had to bring yarn to school to make cabbage hair together. We were the Cabbage Patch Kids.