Each week during the month of November the team will be sharing their responses to a “Question of the Week” series.

WEEK 3 – Hypothetically speaking, at which store would you like to max out your credit card?

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Team
Gary Mac Herring, Owner – Lowe’s or Home Depot - Would have every tool and gadget that they have.

Kevin Sandy, Inventory Manager & Customer Service Representative – Down East Off Road for all things truck related. I could max it our pretty quick there.

Carli Herring, Accounting Manager & Customer Service Representative – This is a hard and dangerous question, I actually have two answers. ̶̶

[1] Since I'm all about comfort and love to work out, I would probably say Lululemon. While I don't have too many pieces of Lululemon, (due to the price point) their quality of workout clothing is very nice and super comfy! Another bonus - I can wear the leggings to work and the pieces last for years!

[2] I recently got engaged, so I could probably max out my credit card on wedding related necessities. I want my wedding to be laid back and fun, so it would probably go towards a good band. Any suggestions are welcomed?

Dustin Keipper, Marketing Director – Lowe’s. Because, I have a lot of projects I want to do at home, but have been put on the back burner because I’m not willing to spend the money right now.

Brittany Taylor, Marketing Manager – Ouch! That’s a toughie, but I’d have to go with Target, actually more specifically SUPER Target. I could spend hours in there. It’s very difficult walking into Target with your mind set on purchasing one thing. It doesn’t happen. I always walk out with items I didn’t intend on buying. However, I always look for items on Clearance. Did you know that if the price tag ends in $0.06 or $0.08 then the item will be marked down again? Now you do. You’re welcome.

Matthew Thornton, Customer Service Representative – Probably ThinkGeek.com. I love their t-shirts!

Joana Gonzalez, Customer Service Representative – I feel like it would be a close call between Sephora and Ulta, but I’ll have to go with Ulta. Not only do they carry skincare and makeup products, BUT they are also a salon and have a ton of hair products. This would be like a dream come true. I’m a true girly, girl through and through.

Trey Murawski, Marketing Coordinator – Costco. Why? Because, you can basically get any food you’d ever want there, not to mention all the appliances to stock the kitchen and the rest of the house. I could also build an amazing game room, equipped with stereos, a ping-pong table, and a ton of snacks. And, if I hadn’t maxed my card by this point, then I’d probably go ahead and purchase new tires for my car…just because!

Tammie Cox, Kitchen Production Manager – I’d say Lowe’s because you can buy everything you need to build a home at Lowe’s, and I would love to build a new home.

Josh Pruyn, Production Assistant – I have already maxed out my credit card on more than one occasion on Amazon. Why limit yourself to one store when Amazon sells it all! Although I do enjoy a good Bass Pro Shop binge too.

Wanda Mae Stanley, Kitchen Assistant – Lowe’s. I’m all the time in the hardware store.

Rosaura Nunez Morales, Production Assistant – Probably Belk, it’s my favorite place to shop for myself, children, and grandchildren.

Cornelius Ingram, Shipping Manager – Macy’s or Dillards. Your boy likes to shop.